Friday, August 26, 2011

elephant parade

Orientation is officially over and classes have started here in Copenhagen. On Wednesday (the last day of orientation) we went on a scavenger hunt around the city to different posts where we met DIS staff members to learn a little bit more about some national landmarks.

The first stop was a place called the King's Square, which is centered around a statue of a man on a horse. I learned that in Europe, any statue of a man on a horse means that man was once a King, but is now dead. We also went to the Royal Palace, which is a set of four buildings around another statue of a king. Queen Margrethe II, the Crown Prince and Princess all live in separate buildings.

Palace where Queen Margrethe II lives.
Next we got to see the building where the Parliment is housed. According to history, this building was originally created for the royal family to live in after the original palace burn down. But when it was completed, the royal family wished to stay where they were currently living, which is the Royal Palace you see today.

There is something really cool in Copenhagen this year called the Elephant Parade. It's mission is to be the world's largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, which is currently threatened by extinction.  The Elephant Parade is an open air art exhibit that has been traveling around Europe, including London, the Neatherlands, and now Denmark. The elephant statues are painted by artists, locally and around the world.  Money can be donated, which goes to the Asian Elephant Foundation, in support of elephant hospitals and lease of land where elephants can mate and live in peace. There are 102 statues scattered around Copenhagen. It is a goal of mine to visit every statue. Here is the website if you want to learn more about the project:

A statue names Elephant Sound near the City Hall.
After class today there is a social for all Sustainability in Europe students at an organic restaurant called BioMio. After the social I will hope to get my first taste of Copenhagen nightlife.

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