Monday, August 22, 2011

all settled in

I have been in Denmark now for two full days. There are so many new things to take in and explore! Yesterday I arrived at 7:30 in the morning and was picked up by my host family. I spent the whole day getting my things unpack and getting to know my host parents. They were very welcoming and one of their cats (named Simba!!) has taken to sleeping in my bed when I am not there.

The first day of orientation was today. The commute to the city is about 40 minutes for me each morning, using both the bus and train system. Hopefully I will get the hang of both systems soon. I also picked up my textbooks today (which were pretty heavy to carry around the city all day). It looks like I will have a lot of reading to do for my Nordic Mythology class.

I tried my first smørrbrød today. It is an open-faced sandwich, usually containing some sort of meat or vegetables (mine had potato slices and lemon). I also experienced my first traditional Danish dinner. Jonna made a meat dish that is very similar to meatloaf, only in small ball-form. We also had some sort of vegetable in a creamy sauce and drank Spanish red wine.

I still don't have wireless internet so I can't post any pictures yet. Hopefully I will have access by Wednesday and can post pictures of my house.

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