Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bikers, religion, and Josh Groban lovers

Another busy weekend has come and gone and I find myself looking back in astonishment at the speed of the past four weeks I have been in Copenhagen. On Friday evening I received a bicycle from my host parents' friend to use for the duration of my stay here. While I am too intimidated by the sheer amount and speed of bikers in the city center to actually ride my bike to school, I will be enjoying nice bike rides around my neighborhood's lake.

On Saturday morning, my host dad and I went for my first bike ride around the lake. The weather was wonderful and I enjoyed the scenic ride, spotting several swans and their duckling swimming in the lake.

swan living in my lake
Speaking of bicycles, Copenhagen is currently hosting the UCI Road Race World Championship! Over 70 streets are closed to cars throughout the city, which (as you can imagine) has caused some major congestion on the trains. Cara and I stopped to watch a few of the male riders starting the third wave of their timed races. It was very exciting to watch and be a part of the biking culture that is so central to Denmark.  Here is a movie clip I captured of a biker starting his third wave:

On Sunday, I met up with a few friends to attend a church service at the First International Baptist Church. It was my second time attending, I am really enjoying the community and fellowship of Danes and internationals alike. However, it was interesting to learn from my host parents that the Danes are not really religious people and that church attendance is very low (less than 10% of population). Regardless, I plan on attending on a regular basis and even joining a bible study that meets weekly starting tomorrow. 

Josh Groban in concert
After church on Sunday I went to a neat Italian restaurant to meet up with fellow Josh Groban fans before his concert at the Falconer Center. It is amazing the power that music has in brining people together of all nationalities. At the meet and greet I met people from Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and the United States (New York City). Even with the language barriers, we were able to communicate quite effectively through our love of Josh and his music. The concert itself was the best one I have been to yet. The smaller venue allowed for a more intimate performance with audience participation that really gave you the feel of his charming personality.  After the concert I went with my new Danish friend Emilie to wait by his bus hoping to get an autograph. It didn't take too long before he came out and we were both able to get our posters signed and considered the evening a great success (even if we didn't manage to get our picture taken with him).

getting an autograph

star-struck Emilie and I with our signed posters

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