Saturday, December 17, 2011

that calls for a Carlsberg

My last week in Copenhagen has been a whirlwind of activity. I had a lovely dinner with the friends of my host parents on Sunday evening. We had the traditional Danish Christmas meal, which included pork and sauerkraut, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and of course lots of wine. Christmas dessert was rice pudding with warm cherry sauce. The rice pudding also had sliced almonds in it, and the person who got a whole almond in their dish won a special prize! It was a wonderful evening and one of the best I have had in Copenhagen.

a Danish Christmas dinner

On Monday, my roommate Cara and I journeyed to Sweden, only a 25 minute train ride away. Unfortunately, all of the Christmas markets were closed on Monday (which we didn't know), so there wasn't much to do in the city. However, we did see an old fashioned telephone booth and went to the only chocolate producing plant in Sweden for some yummy tea and a dark chocolate tasting.

chocolate violin from the 1920s
hello there! 

tea and a chocolate tasting

one of the Carlsberg horses
The middle of my week was filled with relaxing with my host parents, studying for my only final exam (Nordic Mythology), doing some last minute Christmas shopping in the city, and a brief tour to Carlsberg Brewery.

world's largest unopened beer
bottle collection 

showing the way to Carlsberg

As for Friday, I enjoyed a gourmet dinner at Quote (the restaurant where my host father works) followed by an excelled production of The Nutcracker by the Danish Royal Ballet. While I knew the story line of the ballet, it was my first time seeing it live, and I wouldn't have shared it with anyone but my host parents.

We were early to rise this morning to make preparations for my birthday/going away brunch, which was attended by about 18 people! The brunch was delicious and included the typical brunch-type foods: pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, chicken legs, and carrot cupcakes. Most of our guests were friends of my host parents that (after 4 short months) I can now call my good friends as well. They all wished me the best and sent me home with little presents to remember my time in Denmark by and a promise for my return in the near future.

It is still surreal that I am leaving Denmark tomorrow. While I am certainly excited to travel home and see my family and friends, part of me is not ready to leave yet. I have grown to feel at home in Copenhagen and with my host family and it will be strange not waking up to the sounds of Jonna and Knud tinkering in the kitchen. But as they say, all goods things must come to an end. This past semester has been a life-changing experience, one filled with memories I will have for the rest of my life, and that, my friends, calls for a Carlsberg.

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